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Our products are always made up of these 3 key things: Reliability, Durability and Quality. Which is why we only work with the best manufacturers in the industry that the product is selling in.


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Since our launch in 2004 we have worked closely with high end names in the industry we work in such as InMusic who are the parent company to many of our professional audio products including Alesis, Alto, Numark and M-Audio, just to name a few.

We thrive on offering our customers the very best in branded professional products at affordable prices. By using online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and our standalone online retail store,, we are able to reach customers all over the UK and Europe, giving them the chance to own the best in quality equipment at a price that isn’t going to break the bank. We have always aimed to be the cheapest, which is why we have always offered FREE delivery on all products in the UK and we also offer worldwide delivery at very low prices compared to other competitors.


Ekho Products

In 2007 we joined the world of product development in which we designed and manufactured our very own line of lighting and sound products, aptly named Ekho.

Since it’s launch, Ekho quickly became one of our fastest selling lines as our customers were buying a product that offered the very best in service, whether it was one of our professional amplifiers, disco speakers or DJ lights, as the customer is buying directly from the manufacturer. This allows our customers to purchase a highly professional piece of equipment at a fraction of the price.

Designed in Europe, our customers are confident that they are buying quality any time and every time they purchase from us, making us the go to company for all of your sound, light & general electronic equipment needs.


Our range of delivery services assure that you receive your order quickly & safely. Offering free delivery services, discount delivery services and next day delivery services, we strive to have your product at your door within 24 hours or even sooner with our Shuttle delivery service, guaranteeing customers that their order will be delivered to their door within 90 minutes of order placement (coming soon).

Since founding in 2004, operating around 10,000Ft of ground, our hard working and dedicated warehouse team have worked around the clock to assure quality control is maintained and our customers orders are tested and packaged suitably before shipping.

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