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Founded in 2004, Destiny Entertainments Ltd. have taken the industry by storm. Since it’s launch in 2004, the company now runs several websites and produces their own product range, Ekho, which is a leading brand in the light and sound industry.

Starting out on eBay, Destiny Entertainments went on to create a whole range of eCommerce websites in which they’d see continued success over the years with their eBay store, other companies and their very own brand.

The Ekho brand is a highly reliable, professional and affordable brand that is currently one of Destiny Entertainments best selling products in it’s online sound and light store, ElectroMarket.

ElectroMarket.co.uk is Destiny Entertainments first online retail store, originally specialising in DJ equipment, DJ speakers, DJ lights and other accessories. The online store, since launching in 2004 has come a long way, employing over 20 staff, supplying the UK and Europe with the finest in DJ, sound and light technology. Along with DJ equipment and other audio/visual products, ElectroMarket has moved on to other relavent electronic products, catering to a wider audience of DJs, Musicians & much more.

ElectroXtra.co.uk is to launch in early 2013 and in true Destiny Entertainments style; it will be an affordable marketplace for many electronic products for domestic and commercial use. Supplying electronic goods around the UK and Europe, such products will include alarms, lighting, 100v line speakers, electronic appliances and much more.

Destiny Entertainments have always thrived on giving it’s local and global community of customers the very best in product quality and customer service and have always endeavored to supply professionalism with every customer they gain.

Just like Destiny Entertainments attitude towards it’s loyal customers, Destiny also feel very passionate towards local businesses that may be in a situation that could be fixed with a little help. In 2011 Destiny Entertainments acquired a shop that specialised in bass guitars & guitar accessories, Bass Merchant. Bass Merchant was in financial difficulty and needed a helping hand to clear stock and keep afloat. Destiny Entertainments bought the little company and designed a brand new website, BassMerchant.co.uk, and stored all of the stock as well as give the products their very own section in it’s demo room at ElectroMarket. This big step in website, brand and business redevelopment proved to be a difficult task that was completed with ease thanks to the hard working marketing team, sales team and directors.

In short: Destiny Entertainments Ltd. are a team of hard working, loyal, passionate and goal driven individuals, who together produce the very best in online retail, customer relations and sales.

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Kam Bains


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Jas Sapal


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