Founded in 2004, Destiny Entertainments Ltd have taken the industry by storm. Starting from humble beginnings in founders shed, we have grown to a multi-million pound business and own several brands in the entertainment industry.

Our aim is to be on the forefront of technology so we can provide the highest possible service to our customers.

Destiny Entertainments is the parent of three major brands:

  • ElectroMarket
  • Stage Concepts
  • Audio Installations


Our first brand is ElectroMarket and is a retail business providing a range of equipment for the entertainment industry. From home stereo speakers and party lights up to DJ quality speakers and disco lights all the way up to mini-line-array systems and professional lighting.

One of the unique things we offer: order until 8pm for next day delivery – a first for our industry!

We have our website as well as Amazon and eBay stores (electroxtra, disco_supplies and essex-disco-supplies).

Stage Concepts

The second brand is Stage Concepts. We are a leading supplier of high-end equipment for the installation market. Anything from stage decks, trussing, full line-array systems and more. We don’t just offer the products, we offer the technical ability to help installers get their job done.

We have been involved in countless projects from small platforms all the way up to installations in new buildings.

You can find us at

Audio Installations

Our most recent brand is Audio Installations. We supply home and commercial audio installation solutions. We can provide the service to install the products or customers can install themselves. Our specialism is home automation and school lock down systems.

Whether you want an install to listen to music in your kitchen, or your whole house, we have the perfect solution for you.

You can find us at


We are regularly recruiting for various roles in the business. If you are interested in joining our team, please fill out the contact form below and let us know who you are and why we should employ you.

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