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Here we look into the work Stage Concepts completed for the BASE JUMP Trampoline park in Rayleigh, Essex. 

BASE JUMP called SC up asking for advice for the opening of their new trampoline leisure venue, they needed lots of lighting and an excellent sound system installed before they began building the trampolines themselves. After a site visit from the team, we designed two strips of multipurpose trussing, which were hung from the ceiling after being modified with a full PA system setup and multiple light strips for visual effect.

We made sure these were hung up high enough that any over enthusiatic customers wouldn’t bonk their heads on the speakers mid bounce! After installing the design at BASE JUMP, the site went on to become one of the premier trampoline parks in the south east and even offers up private parties for adults!

A very fun project we hope has brought smiles to faces of thousands!

Trusst in us!

We Built...

two suspended truss bars spanning both lengths of the central room. They were built at optimal position for quality audio output.

We Modified...

each bar with multiple PA speakers and professional grade lighting strips for excellent visual effects at all BASE JUMP events.

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