GO Bollywood!


The Brunswick Shopping Centre

Stage Concepts were instrumental in the outdoor live event aspect of the GO events, held at The Brunswick Shopping Centre in St. Pancras, London.

While the shopping centre uses our staging for the majority of their events the first one planned was GO Bollywood, the client initially had enquired if it was possible to build a custom stage above a fountain in the centre of the main mall, this of course is right within the Stage Concepts wheelhouse. 

With the event just four weeks away the pressure was on for the SC team, but with careful planning and execution the event was a huge success and has since gone down as one of their proudest achievements to date in terms of lead time. The team are dedicated to keeping the hassles of events to a bare minimum and readily await your project based enquiries.

Bollywood Swingin'

We Built...

the whole stage area including a roof to keep the performers safe and out of the way of any potential rainfall.

We Modified...

the stage roof with a full set of moving head lights and with the help of the promoters, we hung up traditional Indian decoration to fit with the cultural themes

made it happen

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