Rethinking the Rink


Cambridge Ice Arena

Here we expand on the renovation work Stage Concepts completed for the Cambridge Ice Arena

Cambridge Ice Arena reached out to Stage Concepts as they were looking for custom-designed lighting truss rigs and a full PA system for the ceiling of their newly-designed ice rink. The client wanted something a little out of the ordinary, something striking with great sound, that really added to the design of the facility and featured enough lighting to illuminate the ice rink below.

Project Facts

Full size light rigs
PA Speakers & Light fixtures​
% of Ice Skater Satisfaction

Stage Concepts soon got to work on design and decided to opt for a double layer of trussing support, providing a great visual effect as well as natural position for the PA sound delivery. SC also opted to put together a lighting setup that could be controlled by Daslight 4 software for enhanced controllability during Ice Hockey matches, dance recitals and public usage.

For the PA system, we knew we had to choose a selection of speakers that would not only be powerful and capable to project quality sound in a large space, but also able to withstand the continued cool temperatures of a ice rink. Working closely with Amate and using Amate’s audio software to ensure maximum coverage to the entire building, SC ended up selecting the Amate Audio Nitid Series.

Twin Centerpieces

We Built...

a double layer truss support suspended from the roof providing audio visual excellence for ice skaters.

We Modified...

the ring with multiple lighting options, giving the arena staff full control of the rinks atmosphere.

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