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Stocks Green Primary

Stocks Green Primary School in Kent gave Audio Installations a buzz regarding the inclusion of a multi-use sound system for their main assembly hall.

This hall would be used by children for multiple different reasons so AI headed down to the school to assess the situation. For optimum safety the decision was made to mount these speakers up high and in the corners of the hall, this would deliver a strong sound output while minimizing the risk of slips and trips.

Once wired into a mixer amplifier, the task was then to connect it all up to the existing projection system present in the hall, while a difficult challenge for an outdated projector, AI found a workaround and finalised the job swiftly much to joy of faculty staff and pupils alike.

Audio Installations have worked with many schools, youth clubs and places of worship since and are proud to do their bit for all communities who may need their assistance.

The Projector Project

We Designed...

the entire wiring plan and provided the school with a full diagram of how we would integrate a sound system safely.

We Installed...

the speakers and connected them to the ceilings projector unit, this was tough to pull off but now pupils enjoy can now enjoy presentations and perhaps a Christmas movie in the main hall.

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