We’re moving!

Temporary Warehouse Main Image

Our addresses

Until Sunday 07/07/2024:

Destiny Entertainments Ltd
Unit C7, J31 Park,
Motherwell Way,
West Thurrock, Essex,
RM20 3XD

From Monday 08/07/2024:

Destiny Entertainments Ltd
North 1,
North Sea Crossing,
Stanford-le-Hope, Essex,
SS17 9ER

Click & Collect GPS*:
51.516669, 0.478516

Deliveries GPS*:
51.516292, 0.482635

* This is the exact position on the map that you need to go to. A sat-nav won’t take you to the right place, so please check out these links before you arrive.

If you are a customer or supplier, please consider delaying shipment of parcels/pallets to us the week before we move to avoid issues with deliveries.

Please note: Our Registered Company Address has not changed and is still as follows:
Destiny Entertainments Ltd, 39 Etchingham Park Road, London, N3 2DU, United Kingdom

A brief history of our warehouses

2004: The company started from the shed of one of the founders parents.

2006: This soon became too much for his parents, so we rented a small unit in Romford.

2008: We moved from a tiny unit in Thames Road, Barking, to (what seemed like) a massive unit in Motherwell Way, West Thurrock.

2015: We outgrew that building and started to use external storage also for our overflow.

2018: The unit next door became available so we took this on and moved all our external storage.

2022: Our sales throughout Covid and beyond far exceeded expectations which meant we had filled up the new unit in 4 years when it was supposed to last us 10! So we were once again bursting at the seems and started to use external storage.

2024: We are finally moving to a bigger premises! We are saying goodbye to Unit C7 (and C6…and our external storage) and hello to London Gateway Port (part of DP World)!

2025: We will be moving once again to a brand new purpose-built unit on the London Gateway site!

2026+: Who knows what the future holds…but you can be sure that we will keep growing and giving our customers the best possible service!